15 SEP - 27 OCT 2021

Earn gmee in another staking event!

250k GMEE reward pool!

G-Bots card pack
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Add GMEE to Uniswap Liqudity pools

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Stake your LP tokens

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Earn more from 250k GMEE reward pool!

250k GMEE reward pool

250,000 GMEE tokens will be distributed during the 6 weeks. The sooner you add your liquidity to the pool, the bigger piece of the pie you earn. Start staking now.

How to stake GMEE


Get GMEE on Uniswap

GAMEE token is listed on Uniswap and available to get for ERC-20 token.


Get Liquidity Pool tokens

Add liquidity with the GMEE pairs to one of the liquidity pools and get LP tokens.


Stake your LP tokens

Now just add the Liquidity Pool tokens you got from Uniswap to our liquidity pool.

Add liquidity

Wait and earn more GMEE tokens

The longer you keep your tokens in the liquidity pool, the more GMEE tokens you earn. You can claim your reward after the end of the event.

detailed description

Blockchain meets mobile entertainment.

GMEE is a fungible ERC-20 utility token built on Ethereum, designed to be a currency of purchase, reward and action on the GAMEE platform. Get GMEE and discover the whole world of competitive gaming and robot collectibles.

G-Bots card pack


Unique mobile platform where you can use your GMEE tokens to compete in tournaments and 1v1 matches in wide variety of skill-based games. Have fun and earn more GMEE.

Stay tuned, launching later this year.

G-Bots card pack

GAMEE Prizes

Win prizes for completing game missions in our entertainment app with over 80 casual-style games.

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G-Bots card pack


G-bots are unique NFTs. But mainly they are part of GAMEE entertainment family. Build your collection, send your G-bots to fight battles and win more tokens. Coming soon to GAMEE.

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